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Assumption Day

Assumption Day 2020 and 2021

Colombia celebrates Assumption Day with a public holiday every year. However, in Colombia, the official observance of Assumption Day is on the Monday following 15 August to create a three-day weekend.

202017 AugMonAssumption Day Holiday
202116 AugMonAssumption Day Holiday

The basis of the holiday is the belief that Mary the mother of Jesus Christ was either raised to Heaven without ever dying or, as some have it, soon after her death and before her body saw any corruption. She is believed to have been born and lived her life sinless, like Jesus, and this is in part why it is thought that she too must have ascended miraculously to Heaven as did Jesus.

In Colombia, most families attend a special Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary church service, where they hear sermons on the importance of Mary and her virtues to their faith.

There will also be some local religious processions and other festive events all around the country. And of course, everyone enjoys the extra day off from work and the resulting long weekend!