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Ascension Day

Ascension Day 2020, 2021 and 2022

Ascension Day is a holiday in Colombia to commemorate Jesus Christ’s ascension to heaven as recorded in the Bible. It is observed on the fortieth day of Easter – 39 days after Easter Sunday – and always fall on a Thursday.

202025 MayMonAscension Day Holiday
202117 MayMonAscension Day Holiday
202230 MayMonAscension Day Holiday
202322 MayMonAscension Day Holiday
202413 MayMonAscension Day Holiday

In Colombia, there are an astounding 18 public holidays, 12 of which are also Roman Catholic feast days. This makes Colombia one of the most festive countries on the planet to live in!

Most holidays are celebrated on the Monday following if they fall on anything but a Monday or a Friday. Thus, Ascension Day is almost always observed in Colombia on a Monday instead of on a Thursday as in other countries. Churches may observe it on the Sunday between that Thursday and Monday.

In Colombia, Ascension Day Weekend is another great opportunity to get out to the beach to swim, tan, and party. Many may also go on bike rides, visit nature reserves, indulge in festive feasting at home, hit the restaurants and shopping scene, or do some gardening.