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All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

In Colombia, All Saints’ Day holiday is observed on the Monday on or after 1 November. On this day, Christian believers remember known and unknown saints of past centuries. All Saints’ Day is a significant occasion on the traditional Christian calendar, and is observed by millions of Christians around the world.

20244 NovMonAll Saints' Day Holiday
20253 NovMonAll Saints' Day Holiday
20262 NovMonAll Saints' Day Holiday
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The nation of Colombia has more public holidays than all but a few other nations on the planet. And a majority of Colombia’s holidays are specifically Roman Catholic festivals.

The first All Saints’ Day was instituted by Pope Boniface IV for just Mary and the martyrs. Gregory III then expanded that to include all saints without their own separate feast day as well as moving the holiday to its current date.

All Saints’ Day is a day of “holy obligation”, which means all observant Catholics should attend mass unless they are unable to do so. Many protestant denominations also observe All Saints’ Day according to their own traditions.

In Colombia, many people place lit candles, flowers, or other adornments on the graves of loved ones who’ve passed away. They especially remember family, friends, or well-known saints who left this world during the previous year.

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