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Feast of St Peter and St Paul

Feast of St Peter and St Paul 2020, 2021 and 2022

Fiestas de San Pedro y San Pablo, or The Feasts of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, is an official holiday in Colombia. The official date is 29 June, but the observance is sometimes moved to the following Monday if the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday to allow for an extended weekend off work.

202029 JunMonFeast of St Peter and St Paul
20215 JulMonFeast of St Peter and St Paul
20224 JulMonFeast of St Peter and St Paul

Colombia is a land where people love to have a day off, and they have more holidays on their calendar than almost any other country in the world. Although Saint Peter and Paul is not exactly a “major” holiday in Colombia, this does not mean people won’t be diligently celebrating. The summer date of the holiday means good weather for biking, hiking, picnics, and visiting nature reserves.

The more religiously inclined will attend mass or church for Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. It is a grand and special occasion, where the life and legacy of these two greatest Apostles is ceremoniously commemorated. As these two martyrs exemplify standing for God even in the face of persecution and death, this is a day when martyrs and the persecuted church are remembered.

Down by the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Colombia, fisherman often decorate their boats and their docks on this holiday since Peter is considered the patron saint of fisherman.